protetikaLoss of teeth is an aesthetic, functional and social handicap, both for partly and totally toothless patients. Due to many years of experience and following modern trends, “TiM Stomatology”, in cooperation with the leading dental laboratories, guarantees crowns, bridges and dentures of the best quality.

A missing tooth or a set of teeth can successfully be restored with crowns or bridges made of metal-ceramic or pure ‘zirkonia’ ceramic, conforming to the highest aesthetic requirements and functional component of natural teeth.

In cases where a denture is required, it is firmly secured by telescope systems, various buckles and finest acrylic teeth, characterized by natural shape and transparency.

We cannot forget those patients who have, for various reasons, lost all of their teeth. We offer them high quality, light dentures with rows of teeth of almost identical color and shape as the lost teeth.

Our specialty are complex reconstructions supported with dental implants or those carried after orthodontic treatment.

These treatments are supervised by a team of experienced dental technicians. They use modern materials for dental restorations, which are non-toxic, non-irritant and biocompatible with the mouth cavity tissue.