USLUGE_ParodontologijaGums inflammation and destruction of alveolar bone (bone around the teeth) are called periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis). Periodontal disease is most frequent reason for tooth lose in the world.

Inadequate oral hygiene leads to soft deposits – dental plaque formation which is the reason for inflammation development. If not removed regularly dental plaque transforms to tooth decay, calcified substance, which is not possible to remove by brushing.

Thorough treatment according to defined protocols removes tooth decay and subsequently gums inflammation. In association with patient we maintain oral health during long time. Protocol includes thorough ultrasonic cleaning and irritation removal, oral hygiene instructions, regular checkups and patient motivation. Oral hygiene instructions are defined for each patient individually and most of the oral hygiene devices are available in our office.

Advanced forms of periodontal disease some times are treated with so called “flap surgery”, minimally invasive procedure including the reconstruction of lost alveolar bone with finest and safest bone substitutes. Contemporary periodontology offers sophisticated and minimally traumatic surgical treatments which minimize further development of periodontal disease.

American academy for hearth diseases sets periodontal disease as an important factor for heart diseases development beside stress, smoking, bad diet…