Index_Ortodoncija_280Orthodontics represents the most natural therapeutic principle in dentistry. It encompasses the correction of jaw development, malocclusion and dental defects for functional and aesthetic reconstruction.

Malocclusion (improper bite) and teeth disarrangement are a relatively common problem, especially in younger people. Therapy for dental and jaw anomalies is performed applying active and passive removable orthodontic equipment and modern fixed orthodontic equipment method, where standard metal or aesthetic ceramic brackets are available.

The advantage of TiM Stomatology surgery is the team of experts, who, within orthodontic therapy, offer other dental services which supplement the orthodontic treatment. This approach provides a solution to problems caused by various teeth and jaw deformities, not only for children, but for older patients as well. Therefore, they give you a perfect smile and a healthier bite.

Results achieved by orthodontic appliances are characterized by long-term stability, and include balancing of chewing and jaw joints, easier teeth cleaning, improved health of the supporting dental tissue, as well as aesthetic results.