ORTODONCIJA_Fiksni_280Unlike the removable ones, fixed appliances remain in the patient’s mouth.

The system consists of a range of “braces”, which are glued to the surface of teeth, using a special glue and wire, i.e. arch that links all braces and leads to the change of dental arrangement, by shifting teeth into a desired position.

Fixing, gluing or removing braces does not damage dental enamel. Patients’ only duty is to maintain regular and adequate hygiene. Dental visits are in intervals of seven days to one month, depending on the phase of the therapy.

Fixed appliances can only be placed on permanent teeth. The therapy is not restricted by age, and can be applied throughout life. An increasing number of adult patients today accept the orthodontic therapy. It is a long-term functional solution to their problem, and it does not cause any damage to dental enamel.

For the majority of patients the treatment lasts between 6 months to one year. Fixed appliances can also be used to pull out the teeth that have not grown (impacted teeth) and fit them into the row of teeth.