IMPLANTOLOGIJA_Proces_280The entire implant therapy needs to be planned in advance before an implant is placed, because it requires Team (TiM) Work.

Apart from a clinical check-up, the common procedure consists of an x-ray (standard and specialized), taking jaw impressions and photographs. Only then, the therapy plan is agreed, considering all aspects and including all areas of expertise. A type and size of an implant is selected, as well as their number and arrangement. Finally, the placement to be performed by a dental surgeon is booked.

The procedure itself does not last longer than any other dental surgical intervention. Due to a loss of teeth and the resulting bone loss, it is often essential to replace the lost bone. In the majority of cases, this is resolved during the implantation itself, by bone grafting, i.e adding a bone substitute.

The sutures are removed after 7-10 days, followed by a resting period.

During the resting period, temporary crowns can be fabricated in order to ensure the fastest possible recovery for the patient. After this period, implants are ready to support a permanent crown, a bridge or a denture.