In most cases, the implant placement is performed after the bone has completely healed from tooth extraction which usually takes from two to six months.­

In some cases, when anatomic properties allow it, it is possible to place the implant immediately after tooth extraction. This shortens the time until the final prosthetic reconstruction is done, eliminates the toothless period (immediate reconstruction). Upon the final reconstruction, the patient will have a natural feeling and appearance.

The procedure is preceded by a reliable and precise pre-surgical 3D dental implant planning, and the procedure itself requires a highly experienced and skilled surgeon.

During necessary tooth extraction, care is taken not to damage surrounding bone tissues. The implant is then placed into preserved bone foundation.

Within 24 to 72 hours, the temporary crown is fabricated, whose shape, position and size are as similar to the original tooth as possible.

Patient needs to strictly respect the food restrictions and follow the hygiene instructions during the healing period in order to retain the results of the therapy.