IMPLANTOLOGIJA_Prednosti_280No Teeth sacrifice: Implants do not sacrifice the adjacent teeth substance as bridges do. The adjacent teeth remain intact, which is the biggest favor you can do to the health of your teeth.

Comfort: Only implants can preserve speaking and chewing functions as they were before the loss of teeth. Dentures unavoidably make patients feel and look older, and they reduce everyday enjoyment of undisturbed food intake and self-confidence.

Reliability and lengthiness: Studies show that success of implants after 10 years is 95%, while 30% of bridge carrier teeth are lost in the period between 7-10 years.

Esthetics: The appearance of dental restoration largly depends on dentist’s and dental technician’s skill. Bridges, especially those made of new materials, can offer exceptional aesthetics; however, implants made in accordance with the modern aesthetic principles look as natural teeth that have grown out of gums.

Implants can be used to restore one tooth, several teeth or a whole dental arch; they can be used to support a bridge or a denture, and even as a base for orthodontic shifting of teeth