3D dental implant planning today represents the standard for responsible and precise implant placement. The planning is carried out after Cone Beam CT scan is performed on a patient. The structure and the amount of bone tissue are presented with special dental imaging software. A surgeon is able to assess the quantity and the dimensions of the available bone, perform a virtual planning of the implant position and determine the type of the required implant. The precision of this technology enables the maximum use of the available bone tissue.

In most cases, the amount of X-ray exposure is lower than or equal to the classical X-ray methods, but the precision of the obtained data is several times higher and more reliable. Patients who can perform the X-ray in Belgrade are advised to visit PROMAX CENTAR. X-ray is performed on the state-of-the-art equipment, SCANORA 3D, that enables the reduction of the radiation dose individually depending on the needs of a particular patient. The image, due to its size, should be brought on CD and we will transfer it into analysis and planning software.

Patients coming from abroad can have the X-ray taken on the nearest available Cone Beam CT equipment and the institution that performs the scan can transfer us the images through the special internet services­ for exchange of high volume image data. For a detailed instruction regarding the mode of sending images, please contact us via our fast contact.

Upon a tooth extraction and consequential bone loss in that area, it is often necessary to reestablish the lost jawbone. In most cases, this is done during the implant procedure by placing the bone graft.