ESTETSKA_plombe_280When we are preparing for sealing setting the most frequent wish of the patient is: “Doctor, please could you give me white sealing”.

White, tooth colored, sealing today represent reliable materials which give patient both esthetics and long utilization. Constant improvement and development of new esthetic materials today almost totally suppressed use of amalgam sealing.

Various kinds of tooth colored sealing are used for anterior and back teeth, some of those material are designed to release fluoride ions as an extra force for caries control. Wide range of different colors, easy and fast modeling, low costs, set tooth colored sealing at first place as most frequently performed service in “TiM Somatologija”.

Correctly placed sealing totally mimic natural look and protects remaining tooth structure. Strength of tooth-sealing connection is especially important when we reconstruct tooth fracture.

Correct oral hygiene is guarantee of durability and high esthetic impression over long time.