ESTETSKA_Bezmetalna_280The modern esthetic dentistry cannot be contemplated without the use of all-ceramic crowns, as part of dental restoration.

Unlike the classical metal-ceramic crowns made of metal alloy base, i.e. metal alloy frame on which ceramic is placed, non-metal crowns do not contain ?black’ metal base. This contributes to supreme aesthetic results of these crowns.

The advantages of all-ceramic crowns are: exceptional aesthetics characterized by absolute naturalness of restoration in terms of color, light permeability and shape; computer precision of fabrication; eased cleaning of teeth and surrounding tissue; reduced irritation of gums; eliminated risk of resulting metal edge appearance of crown caused by gums withdrawal; gracility of restoration and increased comfort for the patient.

Apart from the crowns, it is also possible to make all-ceramic bridges, even on implants which can also have zirconium (non-metal) abutments for excellent esthetics. For years now all our prosthetic work has been done in cooperation with the most advanced and most experienced dental laboratories in Belgrade producing world class quality.