Index_Lecenje_280High consumption of sugar/sweets and industrial fabricated food side by side with inadequate hygiene promote caries as most frequent oral disease.

Early diagnosis of caries give us opportunity to stop caries with minimal tooth structure lose and long term successful reconstruction.

Conservative dentistry have task to stop caries, reconstruct the tooth and to prevent further caries onset. We take special care to early diagnosis of caries, oral hygiene instructions and regular checkups.

Non treated caries causes inflammation of tooth pulp and that tooth need root canal treatment. It is always better to save a tooth that has a chance of remaining in mouth.

Advantages of endodontic treatment are faster completion of treatment and resulting dental restoration, preservation of the sense of mastication, preservation of an individual’s aesthetic characteristics, and lower costs. Thorough treatment according to contemporary principles, state of the art equipment are key point for enduring results.

Reliable and proved materials from the most renowned world manufacturers of dental materials are guarantee of successful reconstruction.