beljenjeThere are cases when only one tooth is discoloured due to the endodontic therapy. It is usually darker than other teeth and it is visible when the person talks or smiles which can jeopardize the patient’s aesthetic appearance.

The internal bleaching has shown great results in lightening devitalised teeth that had undergone root canal therapy.

The objective of this procedure is to permanently eliminate or reduce the tooth discolouration.

After the tooth examination and x-ray, the tooth is protected and the whitening solution is placed inside the tooth. Depending on the degree of discolouration, the results can be expected in 24 hours to several days. The procedure is performed in several phases. During that time, the patient can continue with their usual daily activities.

The results depend on the reason that led to the­ discolouration and can vary from optimal to excellent.

Even when the internal bleaching doesn’t deliver the ideal aesthetic results, whitened devitalised tooth represents an excellent base for the highly aesthetic ceramic crowns whose properties won’t be jeopardised by the bad foundation of the discoloured tooth.