cenaThe prices are one of the key factors when choosing a treatment. However, just by extracting the prices from the general price list and doing the calculation on their own, the patient will almost certainly get a wrong idea about the possible expenses.

Every patient has their own individual problems, so without a proper dental examination of the type and difficulty of the problem, it is not possible to assess the costs of the treatment.

There are many factors that influence the price formation. Treatment type, material, fabrication time are only some of the factors.

After you describe us in short your problem and how you wish to resolve it, we can send you an e-mail with the approximate price list. The final assessment is made after an examination, x-ray scan and a discussion with every patient about possible types of treatment.

All consultations are free of charge and do not bind the patient in any way.

After a consultation, every patient will get a detailed assessment of the treatment costs.