duzinaIf you come from abroad, please plan to sleep in Belgrade 

The patients coming from abroad are particularly interested in learning how long it takes to complete successfully all surgical and prosthetic interventions. The minimum period when it comes to surgical intervention depends on the wound healing process and stitches removal which is about seven days. However, for more complicated and greater procedures the optimal time is up to fourteen days. For the complex prosthetic interventions the optimal period is fourteen days, but in some less complicated cases this period can be reduced to one working week.

Multi-session treatment

Our patients frequently visit us in advanced stages of a dental disease. In such cases, a lot of effort needs to be invested in dental treatment. In other words, such treatments can require three or even more visits.
Patients often expect their treatment to be completed in a short period of time, and sometimes describe their dentist’s great effort as incompetence and laziness. It is essential for a successful treatment that both patient and dentist invest a lot of effort. Patients need to follow instructions, because stalling and avoiding appointments reduces potential success and results in already difficult dental disease deteriorating even further.
We can only recommend patience in these situations, because saving a tooth is priceless, both in time and money.