materijaliSterilisation and hygiene protocols

We are particularly proud of the fact that every aspect of our work is covered with the state-of-the-art sterilisation equipment witch represents the basis for the safety of our patients and staff. All sterilisation procedures are submitted to periodical sanitary controls by authorised health inspectors.

Beside the regular and thorough cleaning of the work area, the hygiene protocols also apply to the single use of disposable materials such as cups, dental suctions, protective aprons and working gloves. Under no circumstances the same material cannot be used more than once!

Use of anesthetic, safety of use and useful effects?

Patients’ biggest fear of dental treatment is related to pain. However, this fear is without grounds, since the new generations of anaesthesia, when adequately used, allow us to perform entirely painless and safe treatments.
Treatments can never be pleasant, and you are unlikely to enjoy yourself while sitting in a dental surgery.
However, pain should not be the reason for avoiding your dentist.
Anaesthesia does not lead to nerve decay, hollow teeth and many other things. Its use can bring slight discomfort, but will give us a painless treatment.

Use of RTG scans

Employment of radiography has been strictly defined in order to avoid its harmless effects as much as possible.
Adequate protection and clearly defined use of x-rays with regards to age, health, and illnesses, makes it as harmless as watching TV.