implantiWhat is an implant?

Implants are structures installed into jawbone, with the aim of completely simulating the function of a dental root, i.e. they enable mastication (chewing) and aesthetic restoration.
The most commonly used implants are made of Titanium. When manufactured, each implant undergoes a thorough control, in order to determine its absolute harmlessness to the body.

Will my body accept implants?

Except in special cases such as radio- and chemotherapy, human body is completely able to accept implants, without a risk of rejection or any harmful impact.
As already mentioned, implants are made of Titanium, which is also used for artificial hips and for other medical purposes. It has been proven that Titanium does not cause allergic and foreign body reactions. It is non-toxic and non-mutagen. When placed into the body, implants easily integrate into a unique whole and function as its integral part.
Adequate surgical techniques, use of implants made by reliable manufacturers, and accurate diagnostic process, guarantee a long life of implants.