dete-u-ordinacijiDental visits, timing of your child’s first dental visit?

Regular dental visits are a very important factor for dental health, because dentists have been trained to perceive details that an untrained person cannot. Apart from a check-up, it would be useful to use each dental visit to remove dilemmas related to oral and dental health, i.e. to get useful advice.
Sometimes, a good piece of advice can be worth more than a tooth filling that patients most frequently visit their dentist for.
Regular visits are half-yearly check-ups of entirely healthy teeth. If a child is susceptible to developing caries, visits should be more frequent, 3-4 times a year.
Future mothers should visit a dentist while baby is still unborn, because a good piece of advice in this period is invaluable.
The best age for your child’s first check-up or familiarization visit to a dental surgery is between the second and the third year of life. The best scenario is for the child’s first visit to be pain-free, i.e. when teeth are healthy. This way, the first visits will not bring up unhappy memories. Parents should not consider dental visits not resulting in treatment a waste of time. Effort will pay off once your child starts to visit the dentist independently, without being accompanied.

Preparing your child for a dental visit?

Parents should not project their negative experiences on children. One should never frighten children, especially not by a dentist.
Children should be told the truth. They should not be lied to about anything, but told what is going to happen to them when they visit a dentist.
Parents should try hard to free their children of fear, but without lies and deceptions. Small presents and favours can be considered, but only if they will help in freeing the child of fear.