Dr Darko Stamatović has put his long experience into a series of lectures with practical recommendations and skill demonstration enabling his fellow dentists to incorporate a number of theoretical rules into their everyday practice.

From June to September 2012, the Association of Dentist and the Association of Dental Technicians of Western Serbia organised a series of lectures and practical workshops. As the workshop leader, Dr Stamatović presented the CERAMAG system (SHOFU, Japan) the use of which enables dentists to perform large number of dental corrections on a patient during just one visit. Direct fabrication of veneers in patient’s mouth makes the procedure faster, cheaper and easier for the patients with their active participation through clear definition of aesthetic demands.

Composite material, popularly known among patients as “white filling“, represent one of the most used material in today’s dentistry. In order to achieve good aesthetic and stable results, high skills, experience and refined aesthetic sense are needed along with strict application of manufacturer’s recommendations.