40515653At-home teeth whitening is a very convenient way of bleaching your teeth with balanced, controlled and long-lasting results, in the comfort of your own home.

After a discussion with a patient and an assessment of the natural colour of their teeth, a dentist makes the work plan and the entire treatment begins.

The first step is the making of the tray which holds the whitening agent. The tray is made of plastic and looks like boxer mouthguard. The whitening agent is put inside the mouthguard and applied against the teeth. The mouthguard also holds­ the protective agent in form of mineral complexes that is used after each whitening.

The next step is to teach a patient how to carry out the procedure at home.

Daily bleaching time can vary from one to several hours and is determined taking into account the patient’s daily activities. So, while whitening your teeth, you can do your regular house work, rest, talk, sleep, etc.

After every bleaching phase, the patient needs to apply the protective agent in order to eliminate teeth sensitivity. The procedure can be stopped when the patient has reached the desired shade.
The results are individual, but they can be visible in about 4 to 14 days.

Compared with in-office whitening, this procedure requires some more effort and time from a patient, but has several advantages. The whitening effects are obtained gradually, so the patient has the complete control over the results and can decide on the shade that they want to obtain and preserve natural properties of their teeth colour.

Since the process of at-home teeth whitening is gradual and extended, the achieved results are more stable and longer-lasting.
The individual trays that carry the whitening solution can also hold the protective mineral complexes that eliminate teeth sensitivity during the treatment.
And last, but not the least, compared to in-office whitening, at-home procedure is economically more favourable for the patient!