Our practice currently employs a team of five dentists with different areas of expertise; representing all areas of dentistry. Teamwork is particularly important in complex cases. Good communication, exchange of ideas and division of duties mean that every segment of work meets high standards and is performed in as short a period as possible. From the very beginning TiM Stomatology dental office was dedicated to constant improvement of dental services.

Professor Milan Jurišić, oral surgeon and implantologyst, was pioneer of implantology in Serbia twenty years ago and today is founder of so called bone management procedures in Serbia. Twenty years of successful practice in implantology professor Jurišić incorporated, both as author and editor, in Oral implantology textbook for specialists of oral surgery. Work of professor Jurišić in field of bone management was recognized by renewed dental factory Meisinger (Germany/USA) and he work as their instructor and lecturer across Europe.

Dr Tomislav Živanović, orthodontist, is president of Chamber of private dental practitoners of Serbia, oldest private dental practice society in Serbia. For more than twenty years dr Živanović has been working in this society in order to set up standards, improve quality of dental service and care for patients in Serbia.

Dr Darko Stamatović, specialist of prosthodontics, formed his experience for years in Military medical academy (renewed institution for medical care in Serbia) and as manager for dental materials production. Dr Uzelac, oral surgeon, is currently one of the most prominent educators in field of latest technological innovation in dental radiology in Serbia. Dr Jurišić Tamara is currently combining practical work and PhD thesis about state of the art esthetic reconstruction during and after dental implant placement.

In order to hear lates informations and improvements in dentistry we have chosed to visit EAO – European Association for Osseointegration year meeting, IDS KÖLN – international dental show, ITI World year meeting, BASS – Balkan stomatology association year meeting and many specialized courses.